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Meet Robin

Founder of CONFIDENCE Foundation

After creating tall women's luxury brand Model Atelier and CONFIDENCE Apparel, Robin still felt a need to do something that would have a bigger impact on youth in areas like North Lawndale, the inner-city Chicago area she was born. As a result, Robin and her husband Norman created CONFIDENCE Foundation, an established 501(c)(3) organization. CONFIDENCE Foundation was created to serve as a support for young girls and boys in less privileged neighborhoods who were smart and talented yet didn't believe in themselves, nor had a mentor to motivate them to thrive. Our mission is to help propel youth and young adults to change their narratives by becoming an example of successful outcomes when confidence meets talent. Our focus is to do that by encouraging youth to continue their passion in or consider science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship and math (S.T.E.E.M.) related fields. We’ve added Entrepreneurship to S.T.E.M. because we value the power of exposure to opportunities of being a business owner or self-employed and the lasting affects that can have on a family’s generations to come.

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